Thursday, 22 January 2015

Looking for school natural science and chemistry equipment and solutions

Seeing that you're on this blog, you are most probably looking for school natural science and chemistry equipment and solutions, well you've come to the best and most complete solution on the net!

Currently there is a drive in many developing nations to improve natural science and chemistry results, and to get more students to take and focus on these subjects at schools and colleges, which is great news!

The first universal problem is that natural science and chemistry is a physical and practical subject, not just theory, and most schools and colleges do not have adequate equipment to do the physical and practical experiments in class!

The second universal problem is that many teachers are ill-equipped and some lack the skills to present the classes, and this causes teachers to lose confidence and loose interest to make the effort to do science!
But we have good news, the Mylab solutions and kits have been developed and fine tuned over the last 25 years in South Africa, and Mylab in our experience is the leading authority, solution and equipment provider that addresses the needs of both the teachers and students at junior and high school and at FET colleges around the world! 

Currently the ingenious Mylab solutions and natural science and chemistry kits are being used in schools in a number of developing nations around the world, and even some first world organizations are beginning to see the value in the Mylab solutions and natural science and chemistry kits, which is a fraction of the cost of a conventional laboratory.

The only way that students and teachers are going to increase subject interest, and to see a positive difference in exam results, is firstly by doing science and then learning science! We have seen countless positive results in teachers and students over the last 25 years, so much so that we can confidently say that mylab is the leading authority and a one stop solution provider, with its patented equipment and complete solutions for teachers and students! Mylab focuses on training and equipping teachers to be able to do science and then teach science in the classroom, and this has a major and positive impact on students!

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